Connecting You the Smart Way

Don’t want to travel? Budget’s too tight to visit employees, friends, and colleagues? OVT® by OSI can solve this issue and bring you all into the room for a face-to-face discussion.

Email. Cell phones. Texting. Chat. The information age has opened up numerous lines of instantaneous communication, but nothing beats talking to someone face-to-face when trying to solidify important business decisions. What if those meetings just aren’t possible? OSI has the next best thing: OVT Video Teleconferencing.

OVT VTC, Video Teleconferencing, brings you the ability to see and hear an employee, client, or friends by linking electronically to anywhere in the world with an internet connection. OSI’s technological expertise makes this exchange possible by deploying VTC through your web browser.

Summary of OVT® Features

OVT VTC is designed for low-bandwidth, secure connections with value added capability. The additional capability around white-boarding and text chat with individual users allows the conference to maintain your agenda and mitigate those side conversations. By incorporating file-sharing, OVT allows for a true collaboration environment.

  • ost-efficient
  • Flexible
  • Shrinks the need for travel, providing a green solution
  • Secure connection and file sharing

OVT® Product Details

  • Secure Video Conference tool
  • Low bandwidth compatible
  • Voice verification

OVT® Technology Utilization and Compatibility

OSI has the technical knowledge of video teleconferencing used by the Department of Defense’s Defense Information System Network (DISN).  Thanks to the user-friendly GUI, this technology can be used by any organization.  OVT VTC is a do-it-yourself utilization for video teleconferencing.