True Intelligence Integration

How is it possible to operate at full capacity if you’re struggling to compile data?  OSI removes ambiguities from data mining with our breakthrough product: IDSM®.

OSI’s IDSM®, Inter-Domain Services Manager, is not just another interoperability platform, but a fully integrated intelligence gathering system.  IDSM simultaneously solves the problems of acquiring source data from highly complex, fractured, and legacy systems, integrating that data into a single multi-functional operational intelligence system, all while maintaining the highest cross-domain security.

Summary of IDSM® Features

OSI brings years of experience of working with the complex intelligence needs of its customers, and with that experience comes the understanding that one size does not fit all. IDSM features multiple visualization capabilities, so you get the intelligence you need in the format right for you.

  • Unique micro-cloud architecture
  • Technologically agnostic web-based interfaces
  • Highly robust built-in security protocols
  • Real-time
  • Instantly up-class and down-class all data, analytics and reporting
  • DIACAP approved
  • Exceeds all FISMA standards
  • Fully DoD IA certifiable
  • Fully supports multi-security-level XMPP chat

IDSM® Product Details

  • Interoperability
  • Automated workflow
  • Open architecture
  • Path to Big Data
  • Storage & hardware agnostic
  • Data Analytics

IDSM® Technology Utilization and Compatibility

IDSM applications are not limited to defense and security agencies. IDSM is also suitable for data management, authentication and authorization, enterprise asset management, and secure real-time analysis and communication for any mid- to large-size enterprise.