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Small Business Innovative Research Phase III

Small Business Innovative Research Phase III

OSI understands small businesses because we are one.  A good one, too.

We know small businesses operate differently than large corporations, and are required to excel beyond the norm in order to rise to the top.   Our credibility to do just that is shown with being awarded SBIR Phases I, II and III.

Winning The Award

SBIR, the Small Business Innovation Research Program, is a federally funded program by the Department of Defense (DoD) Research and Development program.  The primary purpose is to stimulate technological innovation by increasing small business participation.  OSI sustained excellent performance by successfully completing projects that include SBIR Phase I, II, and III competition for the Marine Corps’ V-22 Osprey program Advanced Training Technology Delivery System.

How We Do What We Do

Through the use of OSI’s unique Program Management software, available through OSI’s Phase III SBIR, our capability centers on workflow management, engineering change control, configuration and communication management, and training. Inter Domain Services Manager (IDSM) software; combined with a dedicated staff of professionals, we propose improving the efficiency of the ITB Program office.

Why We Do What We Do

The objective of OSI’s SBIR effort is to provide our clients with an enhanced management and information system, IDSM, and supporting professionals to assist with the requirements of the organization. Utilizing this SBIR and the original technology gives our clients an increased efficiency and IT capability enabled by the workflow, communication and interoperability capability of OSI’s IDSM system. To achieve these efforts, the IDSM program is implemented and customized as a tool for testing process, document management and control, workflow management, revision control, and records management, all vital processes for managing successful programs. Additionally, IDSM serve as at communication and interoperability tool, providing a single location for users to obtain program specific information, as well as providing collaboration tools used for document creation or revision.

Giving It Back

At OSI, we manage and develop multiple high level IT & software development projects.  We are proficient in computer based training, web development, general purpose discrete-event simulation modeling, multimedia development, and IT/network support.  Because we have been given the SBIR opportunity, we are able to give it back to you.   The SBIR Program is a vehicle used to discover small businesses with high-technology solutions, and winning the award shows our ability to provide exceptional innovation in technology and industrial base vitality.