Title: Software Consultant – National Marine Center, St. Augustine, FL
Type: Full-Time

Must be able to obtain and retain a DHS Top Secret security clearance as well as a full CBP BI

  • Information System Security Officer (ISSO)
    • Ensuring systems are operated, maintained, and disposed of in accordance with internal security policies and practices outlined in the security plan.
    • Ensuring that all users have the requisite security clearances, authorization, and need-to-know, and are aware of their security responsibilities before granting access to the IS.
    • Reporting all security-related incidents to the Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM).
    • Initiating, with the approval of the ISSM, protective or corrective measures when a security incident or vulnerability is discovered.
    • Developing and maintaining Security Plans (SP).
    • Conducting periodic reviews to ensure compliance with the SSP.
    • Ensuring Configuration Management (CM) for security-related IS software, hardware, and firmware is maintained and documented.
    • Ensuring that system recovery processes are monitored to ensure that security features and procedures are properly restored.
    • Ensuring all IS security-related documentation is current and accessible to properly authorized individuals.
    • Formally notifying the ISSM and Authorizing Official when a system no longer processes intelligence or Special Access Program (SAP) information.
    • Formally notifying the ISSM and Authorizing Official when changes occur that might affect accreditation.
    • Ensuring that system security requirements are addressed during all phases of the system life cycle.
    • Following procedures developed by the ISSM, authorizing software, hardware, and firmware use before implementation on the system.
    • Perform and send to proper personnel security scans on the system
    • Review log files and audit records to ensure security of the system
  • IT Help Desk Technician
    • Handle tier one help desk requests via phone, remote support, or in person
    • Follow up on outstanding request and ensure timely resolution
    • Comply with organizational policy and procedures relating to new accounts, IT security training, etc
    • Support CCTV system
    • Pull cable for new site or office setups
    • Support A/V equipment
    • Manage and monitor internal assets to ensure accurate inventory records
    • Help users with general Windows, MS Office, and internal information system support

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