Title: Subject Matter Expert (Unit Maintenance Inspector)
Type: Full-Time
Location: National Air Training Center, Oklahoma City, OK

The Unit Maintenance Inspector supports and provides technical analyses and assesses contractor effectiveness for technical service contracts involving aviation maintenance. Evaluates The employee will inspect, evaluate and measure the contractors’ compliance and performance against aviation maintenance standards. Evaluates and provides assessment of the contractor’s performance in meeting operational requirements, contract requirements, core processes.

The inspector establishes criteria; assesses programs effectiveness; and/or investigates or analyzes a variety of unusual conditions, problems, or questions. Conclusive finding or evidence are difficult to develop because of the unusual conditions, problems, or questions, such as especially large and complex sets of interrelated data, the concealment of facts and evidence by highly sophisticated schemes, or issues with significant regional impact. The work affects a wide range of activities within the agency and the operation of other agencies. The work directly impacts on the safety of daily enforcement operations and contributes significantly to the mission and prevention of accidents that could hinder the enforcement operations and long range planning objectives of the program. Duties include the inspection of:

  • Maintenance man-hour accounting systems;
  • Standing operating procedure;
  • Use and qualification of personnel;
  • Electronic data processing systems;
  • Work place safety programs;
  • Configuration control program;
  • Aircraft modification; facilities maintenance, quality management and quality assurance;
  • Compliance with appropriate federal regulations;
  • Night Vision Goggle maintenance program;
  • Ground Support Equipment maintenance;
  • Survival equipment maintenance; etc..

Required Qualifications and Experience:

  • Must have at least ten years’ experience in aviation maintenance, supporting military or government operations; Experience with AMO or DHS aviation desired.
  • Must possess and maintain current Aircraft and Powerplant (A&P) certificate ( Inspector Authorization preferred)
  • Knowledge and experience required to provide specialized technical Subject Matter Expertise essential to CBP AMO’s National Maintenance Program
  • Must have the ability to work independently, with little direction, to prioritize competing projects while meeting all deadlines.
  • Must have significant knowledge and experience with aviation maintenance and inventory management systems. Experience with CARMAC strongly preferred.
  • Must have significant knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulation for the resale of government owned inventory
  • Must have the ability to travel as required, up to 50%, to CONUS sites, Puerto Rico and Canada

Must obtain a CBP BI Clearance

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