OSI has cutting edge software & video analytics for law enforcement and body worn cameras.  According to the National Institute of Justice, approximately 75 percent of law enforcement agencies are not using body worn camera (BWC) technology.  Are you putting your officers at risk? OSI has software & video analytics for law enforcement.  Law enforcement agencies, the intelligence community security professionals, and governments simply do not have the manpower to waste on creating real time, actionable intelligence. Because this valuable data becomes a forensic tool to see what happened and how it happened, you need to link information and see risk before the incident. You need intelligent information.

OSI currently supports federal and international law enforcement customers. OSI has deployed Sensor and Video surveillance technology for Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE). We are part of the body-worn deployment for New South Wales Police department in Australia, the fourth largest police force in the world. We have supported interoperability and cross-domain solutions for law enforcement, the Intel community and international customers. We are providing video analytics and manage the Smart City Networks for Singapore.

OSI Skin detection

Skin detection is a key feature in OSI’s solution (click to enlarge)

Versatile and Seamless
Facial recognition is not just for identifying people. From replacing hackable passwords to providing valuable marketing demographic data, OSI’s facial recognition can provide you customized and granular functionality for your business. With proven filters, OSI has the ability to drive demographic information from video, creating a profile of visitors based on age, sex, and race. In addition, OSI’s facial recognition system can learn frequent visitors and alert you to when and where they visit. This feature can be used to honor preferred customers or assist in the security of your venue.

Unlike fingerprint and retina scans, OSI’s facial recognition does not rely on personal contact, making it one of the more passive and less intrusive forms of biometrics. Using proprietary algorithms designed by OSI, the merging of online and offline data with cloud technology provides a powerful tool that OSI has harnessed. Skin detection is a key feature in OSI’s solution, nearly eliminating a false positive result. The amazing analytics of OSI’s skin detection feature can distinguish humans from other living creatures, to avoid mistaking an animal or a tree for a person lurking inside. Moreover, digital footprints can be altered and deleted. OSI’s facial recognition solution enhances identification and gives the user complete control of the desired outcome.

Go Beyond Video Processing
As one of the most sought after biometrics, facial recognition presents a wide range of applications and levels of control. OSI’s smart data solutions know how to analyze, process, protect, and link information, then direct it to the correct personnel for the creation of actionable information. OSI has a video management product, Enfusion, process-focused on the managements of body worn cameras, uploaded video files, and streaming video. Enfusion is designed to ingest live video stream, uploaded video files, or to interface with your video archives. During the ingest of video, OSI automatically tags video with meta-data to make it easier to search, index, and catalog for future retrieval or linking to other case files. The Enfusion system tracks and creates an audit log of all the users actions and redaction of the video. The processed video file is meta-tagged with the redaction information. The system generates meta-data that is logged for future review or searching. This allows a user in the future to go through the process of recreating the same steps and recreating the edits done to the video. OSI’s facial recognition platform allows for immediate identification of people on a pre-defined authorization list or blacklist, giving you the security control you desire.

Experience Matters
With over 20 years of experience, OSI offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative and technologically advanced solutions and services for commercial, government, and private sectors. OSI knows intelligence: in addition to providing allegiance and expertise to many law enforcement agencies, OSI has served other long standing Federal government agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Department of Homeland Security Infrastructure Protection, and Federal Emergency Management Agency.

In addition, OSI is supporting an ongoing effort for Customs and Border Protection with its exclusive License Plate Recognition (LPR), voice recognition, object tracking, and facial recognition capabilities.

OSI has software & video analytics for Sports & Entertainment, Law Enforcement, Media, Transportation, Government, Healthcare, Security, Restaurants, Smart Cities, and more.

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