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Quality Management

The Department of Homeland Security knows how crucial it is to provide failsafe solutions to our nation.

That’s why DHS relies on OSI for its many complex needs.


Program Management

The Department of Defense depends on OSI for support in various areas of operations.

You should, too.

Systems Engineering

Administrative Support

Welcome to Organizational Strategies

Organizational Strategies (OSI) specializes in providing mission-critical technologies and services to the U.S. Federal Government.


We adopt our customers’ goals as our own, taking care to align our capabilities to what customers need to achieve. Our proven track record in information technology, engineering, analysis, program and quality management enables us to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to the mission.


Large or small, OSI is your solution.

At Your Service

With years of skillful and dedicated support, OSI offers our clients unique capabilities that consistently provide high-quality, professional support services for our clients.  Our team of experts can assist you with program management, engineering, logistics, research and development, and more.


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Acquisition Management


Budget Planning and Execution

Configuration Management

Document Imaging and Archiving

Drone Technology


Facilities Management

Human Performance and Technology

Information Technology

Logistics, Asset, and Material Management

Management Information Systems

Program Management

Quality Management

Research and Development

Structured Analysis and Design

Training Services

Big Ideas Need Big Data Solutions

OSI’s Big Data innovative products achieve success around the globe by enhancing information capability through Big Data Analytics, all utilizing the evolution of OSI’s technology.

It all began 10 years ago with our state-of-the-art interoperability platform, Inter Domain Services Manager (IDSM). OSI’s products provide completely customizable solutions on all levels of service and compliance with your goals in mind.  Elevate your operations with OSI.

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We Have the Solution For You

Practical solutions that can be successfully implemented in the operational environment.