Have you already figured out how to glitch your way to the next prestige level in Ghosts? Do you have a knack for writing software programs?

Are your friends losing at beer pong because you’re just that good at algorithms?

Read on, math nerd!

OSI is offering a part-time role that could lead to an OSI internship for specialized analytics, specifically Video Analytics Stabilization.

What could be better than using your gaming expertise in real life? OSI has developed a state-of-the-art video analytic algorithm that has the ability to detect any changes happening in the view of the camera. This analytic has built-in tools that allow the user to change parameters to see more or less, depending on the environment and overall object of the video surveillance. Cool, right?

Here’s where you come in: on occasion, the camera capturing the feed is not 100% stable or xed and may have movement, such as a shake or vibration. Adding to this instability, the camera may also be deployed on a moving platform like an aircraft, boat or car. OSI is looking to enhance our current video stabilization algorithm to operate more efficiently on fixed, panning and aerial platforms. Our understanding of where technology is and the baseline we establish with this effort requires Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based algorithms for stabilization of all three platforms. The algorithms do not have set criteria currently to establish what is considered 100% stabilized video. Our criteria for acceptance will be based on a greater than 60% reduction of “video clutter or false positives” for detection on each platform.

Wait, that’s not all. The algorithm needs to work in a JAVA and .Net application environment.

Think you have what it takes?

Contact: Kaandra Wright Carter at 703.413.7727 or jobs@orgstrategies.com