Is Battlefield 4 not enough for you? Why are you wasting your time using the sniper kit, if only for the MAV’s cool targeting feature? Are you writing programs with your own ideas on how to improve enemy tracking?

OSI is offering a part-time role that could lead to an OSI internship for specialized analytics, specifically object tracking. This is your chance to turn your role-playing into reality. Unlike the MAV, OSI’s proprietary software is automated and has the ability to frame an object that is moving or changing in the camera view.

Here’s where you come in: this capability needs enhancements to track the object through a video network and overlay the information onto a map or facility blueprint, to link the datasets and track the object or person using only the analytic. Taking it one step further than any video game, this real-life project will include assigning IDs to objects and person identi ed by our software as an object of interest.

Have you already stopped reading and started searching for the contact info? If you think you’re up to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based development for object tracking, contact:
Kaandra Wright Carter at 703.413.7727 or