All your friends ask you to jailbreak their smartphones. You write apps just for the fun of it. You helped your uncle get his website mobile-ready. Living “unplugged” is the most ridiculous joke you’ve heard all day. If this sounds like you, read on!

OSI is o ering a part-time role that could lead to an OSI internship for specialized analytics, specifically related to mobile platform. Currently, all OSI-developed software can be executed from a server or standalone (laptop, desktop) environment.

OSI is looking to convert our current software to a mobile platform, with enhancements that create the ability to allow for mobile devices to initiate the application, allowing for user to be free of a workstation or command center. Our understanding of where technology is and the baseline we establish with this e ort requires a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based mobile system for Apple, Windows, and Google devices.

If you think this opportunity couldn’t be a more perfect fit, contact: Kaandra Wright Carter at 703.413.7727 or