We need you to locate Sergeant Garcia in GoldenEye 007, using the facial recognition app on your smartphone.

Okay, not really. But, what we do need is someone who knows about algorithms, particularly the ability to write a mathematical algorithm for video processing of facial recognition and object tracking.

OSI is offering a part-time role that could lead to an OSI internship for specialized analytics, specifically facial and object recognition. We want to design and enhance our current algorithms to detect the human face using modular framing, and then identify individuals at greater than 70%. Once the face is framed, our software must compare the captured image against a “cloud” or “silo” database for identification of the person. These algorithms will be able to be imbedded in our video analytic algorithm as a turn on/off capability, the system will have a simple web GUI, and have the ability to process high volumes of people.

James Bond wouldn’t stop there, would he? In addition to identifying people against known databases, this algorithm must have the capability to compare facial images against driver’s license IDs, state supplied ID cards, passports and other standard forms of picture identification. This means that the algorithm can process not only a video captured facial picture, but also ID pictures to be used for potential ID. Wait, that’s not all! These Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based algorithms for facial recognition need to work in a JAVA and .Net application environment, and accuracy of algorithms need to exceed 70% or better.

Are you up for the challenge?
Contact: Kaandra Wright Carter at 703.413.7727 or jobs@orgstrategies.com